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Coverage is available on the 1st of the month after your hire date.
Please review each section of the benefits available and schedule a time to meet with Robert Richey to make any changes or add coverage.
Please click on benefits to see summaries.
Weekly Payroll Deductions

Medical Plan

SBC Document

Certificate of Coverage

Dental Plan

Certificate of Coverage

Vision Plan

Certificate of Coverage

Employee Only$22.17$4.42$2.09

Employee + Spouse

Employee + Child(ren)$38.99$9.20$3.41



Medical Search Provider List BeechStreet

Dental Search Provider List Delta Dental

Vision Search Provider List VSP


 At an enrollment meeting you will recieve a Free Discount Card ------------------------










Cancer Assist Level 1 with $50 Wellness and

$5000 Initial Diagnosis Benefit

Cancer Assist Level 2 with $50 Wellness and

$5000 Initial Diagnosis Benefit

Med Bridge


Employee Only$ 4.38 $ 5.04$ 5.86$  3.85
Employee + Spouse$ 5.93 $ 8.13$ 9.34$  8.30
Employee + Child(ren)$ 7.05 $5.20$ 6.05$  6.62
Family$ 8.58 $ 8.28$ 9.53$10.06

Benefit Summaries

Please click on the benefit you want to see a summary for:


Supplemental Life Insurance


Life insurance can be an important step in safeguarding your family’s overall financial plan.  You may have already considered purchasing term life insurance through another source, but have you considered all the ways your family relies on you and how term life insurance can help bring some peace of mind to you and those you leave behind?

Experts recommend that you have at least five to ten times your annual income in life insurance protection.*

You can purchase an amount that’s right for you.  You may purchase as little as $10,000 or us much as $500,000 of coverage.

You and/or your dependents are eligible to participate in this program through a payroll deduction.  Your premiums will be withheld on an after-tax basis.  You may be able to take your coverage with you if you change jobs.  And in the event that you become totally disabled, your coverage may be continued with no premiums due.


Accident    Benefits for initial care and treatment of accidents

Cancer   Cancer screening test and benefits coverage for diagnosis and treatment.

Short-Term Disability  Income replacement in the event you become disabled.


MedBridge  Supplemental hospital insurance.

Thank You for choosing Richey Health Benefits!

Service Forms


Aflac Accident Claim Form 


Colonial Claim Form (Universal)


Colonial Disability Claim Form


Colonial Service Request Form


Colonial Wellness Claim Form


Medical Claim Form


Prescription Claim Form


Short-term Disability Claim Form


Long-term Disability Claim Form


Disability Waiver of Premium Claim Form


Address Change Form

Enrollment Forms

Please download and complete the forms you need.

Medical, Dental, Vision, Enrollment Form



For enrollment in the Accident / Cancer / Short-term Disability / MedBridge you will need to meet with Robert Richey. Please click HERE to request an appointment.